NEW Website – Woohoo

Hello every one,

This will be the last post on this blog, I have made my own website. It will be about the same as it has been here: Running, races, fitness, a healthy lifestyle, beauty and other bits and pieces I find suitable for my site. Please come and check it out.


Big smiles and see you over on my NEW site.



Running- ways to stay ‘on your game’

Earlier this week my good friend Franzi and I talked about those inevitable destructive thought that pops up during our runs. We both have them, and I assume that most people do. They normally come towards the end of my run. When I’m stating to feel slow and tired I think I might as well  just stop now, or walk for a few seconds.

When it comes to the short runs I’m not to bothered if I walk for a few seconds, (Though I normally don’t) some days I’m just off my game. But with the long runs it’s a bit different. Personally I feel, that if I stopped and walked for a min or so in my run, I didn’t actually run the full distance. Not that it is not a great achievement in itself, but I have 2 reasons for me thinking like this.The first and most important: I’m training for my first 1/2 marathon. I need to know that I can run the distance I set myself to do. If I have walks in all my runs, how will I know that I can do the 1/2 marathon distance on the race day? Secondly, it’s a major motivating factor for me. Thinking of the first point It’s a way for me to push myself and don’t stop until I’m done.

Franzi motivation board

Franzi's motivation board.

I always want my runs to be amazing. Most of the time they are really good, but there will be those runs when we all struggle a bit more. It could be part of the run, or the entire run, sometimes you’re just off your game, and that’s ok. I decided to write down a few bits that keeps me going and helps me to push through. The first tip is for me more important than any other self motivation.

1. BEFORE my run I decide the distance of today’s run. Only if I break a leg or my trousers split will I stop. By having this pre run statement, my mind and body prepares and gets ready for the challenge ahead. I mention a little bit about this in my post about keeping your NY resolutions. The point is simple: If you tell yourself you will try, you might as well give up now. You program your mind to try, not do.  When I tell myself I will run 11k tomorrow, I program my mind to do just that, and by doing so I will go that extra length to make it happen. Nothing will stop me.

2. Be prepared- you know hard runs will come. I sometimes feel like stopping 2-3k before planned, and walk for a bit. Maybe the run got a bit boring, I’m tired, my knee is niggling a bit, got fed up with the music, it could be anything. If you are prepared for the hard runs, and know that the discouragement will happen, it will be easier to deal with. Find out what motivates you to keep going, keep this in mind when you become discouraged. When you are aware that discouragement can come, it will not completely throw you off your game.

3. Think about why you are doing this, and the good feeling you will have when completed. This is a good one. When I’m out running I often imagine how amazing it will be on race day when we run over the finish line. This always make me smile and push harder. Think about what your ultimate goal is, short-term or long-term. Use this as a motivation factor.

4. Have you managed to fight the discouragement before? Think about what you did last time. What motivated you not to give up? Was it changing it up a bit, like doing some jog/run intervals? Did you take another route than first planned? Did you think of something that motivated you? Or did you tell yourself: run…just…to…the…next…rock, the next stick, and then the next and next until you were finished? Whatever it was, do it again and keep in mind that you know it works. This will reinforce it and make it easier.

So what motivates you? If you have any tips and tricks you’ve tried out, put them in the comment box.


My first week in 2012

I have had a really good first week of 2012.

I’m starting with the fitness aspect of the week, this is what I have the most to write about. It started with an 8k run on Monday, on Monday that was the furthest I had ever run. And what an amazing feeling it was.

Lightweight running shoes. Asics Gel-DS trainer

The original plan was to start off with the 1/2 marathon schedule this week. But as I had a look at it, I realised that it was to basic for me. (It started off with 2min run and 1min walk.) And I though to self; if I can run 8K, I need a schedule that’s one step up from what I have. So as I am in a search for a new schedule, I have been pimping the one I have. That basically comes down to running longer distances than it says on the schedule.

My next workout I mentioned in my post about my new magical shoes. Technically they are not magical, but I am really pleased with them and they are a dream to run with. I went running with my brother in the forest, we ran about 4K before we encountered the very tough…*drum roll*…. Hill Intervals. Though I have had my share of interval training, I have never found myself in a hill at the same time. So this was new to me. In fear of repeating myself I will direct you to my shoe post for details. But I can say that hill intervals will be repeated this week. It was such a great workout. What I love about this, is that no matter how fit you are, you can ALWAYS challenge yourself. And racing ones brother to the top is also very much fun.

My next workout was a Saturday long run, I ran for 9K. That is the longest I have ever run.  *Pats self on back*  It was a great workout with rain and some hailstones, but I’m quite used to that now. I must say, I’m very happy with my runs this week. They have all been really good, and I have enjoyed all of them. When I came home I had a quick shower, made myself a protein smoothie, stretched and then snuggled up in the sofa with a blanket and a hot cup of tea.Picture of Hysteria movie. Hugh Dancy, Maggie Gyllenhaal

Saturday eve was spent with my friends. First on the agenda was a visit to a new restaurant. Here we had semi acceptable tapas. We then went to the movies to see ‘Hysteria’. In short; It’s a romantic comedy from the 1880’s (I think) when they invented the vibrator. I know, it sound cheesy, but I can assure you it is not. It is a very funny film, and well made.

The movie Hysteria with Hugs DancyThe movie Hysteria with Hugh Dancy, Jonathan Pryce.

My first lecture at uni is Monday 09th. Therefore I have spent this week getting all ready to start again after the holidays. I’ve made schedules and plans for my lectures where I have plotted in deadlines and exam days. I’ve made to-do lists I can fill in each day to make sure I keep up with my schedule. I very easily forget things if they’re not written down. On that note, I am in a search for a new planner for 2012. I want one that’s functional and nice looking. I’ m very picky.

That was my first week, how was yours?

New Running Shoes- Asics GEL-DS Trainer 16

Asics Gel-DS Trainer 16 womens running shoes for half marathon and marathon training.

This week I bought new running shoes. I purchased a pair of Asics Gel-DS trainer 16. It’s a lightweight shoe for marathon and half marathon running. I needed a shoe with an over pronation sole, and this was my best option. A bonus was that they were pink. I’m very happy with the fact. I would never buy a pair of running shoes for it’s look or design. I would always buy the one that is the best for me and the usage I need it for.

I was lucky to receive a gift certificate for my birthday, and then again one for Christmas, so I used this to buy my much needed running shoes. I had a first crack at them the next day when I went running with my brother in the forest. After about 4k, we did some intense hill intervals. First we did 4 long ones, and then 4 short ones. The long hill interval was very tough, I think it was about 350 meters long. Whilst my brother was flying to the top, I had a harder time and had to go for a slow run up. But I did it! The short intervals was in a steeper hill, and sprinting, we raised each other to the top. Very much fun indeed.

My new shoes felt great, no hurting or pain and I was not uncomfortable at all. They say the main test when getting new running shoes is to go on your first run and not noticed that they are new. ( They should fit you perfectly straight away and there should be no need to walk them in. ) Mine was exactly like it should, I felt like I was running on feathers, almost  😉

Here you see a display of my running shoes. As you can see they are slightly dirty as evidence of usage.

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Elegant New Year’s Eve nails

This post is to give you ideas to some classic and elegant nails to wear on New Year’s Eve. Yesterdays was a very very sparkly option. See them here.

I will be rocking these nails myself. As I have to pop into work for a few hours I can’t wear anything too flashy, even if it is the last day of the year. But these classical nails suit me to a tee, I adore them. ❤

Directions and how-to are underneath pictures.

*First I started off with 3 coats of Essie ‘Steel-ing The Scene’.

*Second: I painted the corners with a black colour. Use any you have. I used a nail art version, and I have no idea what brand. I bought it on ebay and I never saw a brand name. Any-whoo, it did the job.

*Third: To avoid glitter all over the nails, I added 1 layer of top-coat before applying the glitter. This creates a harder surface and the glitter won’t stick everywhere.

*Fourth: I painted a strip with top-coat (as adhesive) for the glitter, then dabbed the glitter on.

*Fifth, A tip: add a little layer of top-coat just over the glitter to keep it from going all over your nails when adding the final layer of top-coat. Mine did a bit, apologies. I would re-do them, but there is just no time. After all the big night is tomorrow.

To make it last as long as possible, add a layer of top-coat every other day. You may also need some touch ups with black on the ends, dab dab and remember a layer of top-coat after.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this.

Will you be rocking these nails on New Year’s Eve?

New Years Eve sparkly nails

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and for that reason I’m giving you one of my options for fantastic festive sparkly New years-y nails.

It’s the ever so super sparkly ‘Rainbow Connection’ by OPI, and it’s perfect for a night like this. Unfortunately I can’t rock these  beauties because I have to pop into work. Oh what a joy! But rest assure, my nails will still have some NY Eve umph.

The first picture is to show what a singe coat looks like. As you can see it’s quite dense with sparkle, some small bits and some bigger ones. The rest of the pictures are of five coats. I have of course added a coat or two of top-coat. Very important. In reality it comes across as mostly silver, with light blue and pink, though these pictures really shows the full array of colours.

As an option you could have a singe coat on top of another shade, looks very pretty and it would be a more subtle option.

Tomorrow I’ll post another New Years Eve nail art, a very classy and elegant option. You will love it. I do, if I may blow my own trumpet.


Tip to stick to your New Year resolutions

A new year is sneaking up on us, and it’s time to set our New Year resolutions. But guys, do it properly. If your resolutions are the same ones as last years, that you didn’t complete, then change it up a bit. Do something to make it stick this time.

I can tell you one thing, whether it’s quit smoking, being healthier, start exercising more, being a better person, or whatever your goals are; if your plan is to TRY to stop smoking, or you will DO YOUR BEST at exercising 3 times a week, if you INTEND to be better at whatever it is you want to be better at. It WILL NOT HAPPEN!!!

And the reason is simple, if you tell your mind to try instead of do , then that is what will happen. You program your mind to try, and in the end you will not succeed. Do you think the world leading athletes are on the top because it looks really fun to win and they will do their best at trying to make that happen? NO, they win because they tell themselves they have won.

Just keep that in mind, no-one will do the work for you.

“Obsessed is the word the lazy use to describe the dedicated”

Stay dedicated guys!

Merry Christmas

Meeeerry Christmas, HO HO HO!

Even tho Christmas Eve and Day is over I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas celebration. I really hope you’ve all been able to relax and just take in the pleasures of this magical season.

What are your Xmas traditions? Any films you HAVE to see, food you HAVE to eat, songs you HAVE to sing, or cookies you just HAVE to bake/EAT?

I love this holiday and all its traditions. Every year I HAVE to see ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’, several times actually. They really are my favourite films of all time. With Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Jude Law staring in them, I don’t know if it makes a difference, do you?  Heck yeah, of course it does  *drools*

Every year on Xmas Eve me and my family have ‘pinnakjøtt’. A Norwegian tradition, and apparently 30% of the Norwegian population eat it over Xmas. It’s smoked single ribs from sheep, and it tastes like heaven.

Cookies, yes, we have them. All types! Some with chocolate, some with coconut, and some with both. My family gets together before Xmas and have a baking-day. We bake and decorate mums tree, and just enjoy each others company whilst listening to Xmas music.

Until next time, Happy Holidays!

Dress right for winter running

I am not the most experienced runner, I started little under a year ago. But I am from Norway, and that counts for a lot in knowing how to dress for the cold and windy weather. Easter holidays was spent at our cabin in the mountains, in the snow. Some years we could just about see the chimney popping out. We  dug a deep hole and made stairs in the snow down to the entrance.  Most days, if not every, we went skiing onto a mountaintop. I will admit, when I was younger I did fight this activity a little, I would rather stay inside or around the cabin playing. I was the youngest one and all the others had such long legs and skied much quicker than I did. My mum stayed with me and we was a bit behind the others, especially uphill. But thinking back on it, it makes me smile, I would not be without it, not a single experience. And then was the breaks with sandwiches, oranges, ‘kvikk lunch’- a chocolate with biscuits  and warm coco. This is basically the standard for all families when on a skiing trip at Easter.

But back to what I was really talking about. I wanted to write about my run earlier this week. I had woken up to snow, pretty pretty Christmassy snow. And even though it was very windy it did not stop me from going on my scheduled run. I was quite excited in fact, was looking forward to run in the fresh crisp air and even hoping it would snow some more when I was out.

When running in the cold it’s important to dress correctly. Dressing in layers is key to stay warm. Thin layers keep you warmer than a  thick one. The reason is that it traps the air and insulate and therefore keep you warm. Closest to your body you would want clothing that transport the sweat away and keep you dry. This is called wicking. You could also use sports wool, but I do not recommend that for running or high intensity work out as it does not transport the sweat away from your body. So with high intensity go for a wicking fabric clothing. On top of that you would want a layer to keep you warm. A fleece or wool would be good here. If it’s not too cold you could also go for a cotton jumper. On the top you would want a  shell coat to keep the wind and some of the rain off. On your legs, wicking underneath a pair of jogging pants meant for wintery weather. They are a bit thicker and some also with a breathable fabric to keep snow and rain from seeping through.

This Monday the wind was so strong and therefore also very cold, so I wore 3 layers using a fleece as the middle one. On my legs I used a sport wicking legging and a slightly thicker pair of jogging pants.  This kept me nice and warm.

Kari Traa, Technical underwear, running clothing, teknisk undertøy, superundertøy

Nike running jacket, Wicking, Outdoor

                                                                                                                                   Also; to stay warm and cold-free, keep your phalanges warm. Gloves are important, you do not want your hands freezing when out on a run. Ideally buy a pair meant for activity that will transport the sweat. But if you’re just staring out or you don’t run that often you could get away with whatever you have lying around. But they need to breathe, so don’t use those big thick snow-sports gloves, your hands will melt. Try with what you got, if you don’t find them comfortable then there are running gloves in all prize ranges. I find I use the gloves at the start of my run, when I’m nice and warm i take them off and just hold on to them. Or you could tuck them in to the side of your pants. I always run with a buff, (I really don’t like that word, it makes no sense to me) one around my neck and one with wool on my head. If it’s really windy I tuck the neck one into the head one. You want to keep the wind away from your neck and head region, it’s so very easy to catch a cold if not.

Feet, good shoes are important. If you’re planing on running much or already are, I would recommend investing in a good pair meant for rougher weather. If less running you could get through the winter with what you have. Maybe do a smaller investment in some thicker running socks.

I stayed nice and warm on my run. And even though I got bitch-slapped across the face a few times by some rude hailstones, I really enjoyed it. I was so pleased with the arrival of the snow that I decided not to listen to music or pay attention to how far I had run. I ran the same place earlier, so I knew the distance. It was just nice with a bit of fresh air and no music droning in my ears, competing with the wind and hailstones.

So it’s all about the way you look at it. You can of course choose to focus on the bad things about the bad weather, or you can choose not too. If you look at all things in live, there’s positive and negative aspects with it. Focus on the positive, and you will become a happier person in general. I feel like this a different post all together. But give it a though. There’s no harm in a bit of wind and rain, why should it stop you from going on your run or walk.

Stine  xxx

Urban Decay NAKED 2 is out!

Yesterday, 1.12.2011 it was announced!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is Out!


And just look how beautiful it is, I cant wait to get a hold of it. The first lot was sold out, all in under a day. Next week there will be more out for sale, so get in line girls.

Right now it’s only out in the states. In early January Debenhams in UK will have a pre-launch, and in February additional retailers will launch. I can imagine people sleeping outside the stores queuing a week before,…maybe.


If you remember, the first Naked came with a mini eyeshadow primer potion ( Check out my review here). The Naked2 has a very cute mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in the colour ‘Naked’,  and a double-ended Good Karma shadow/crease brush. The palette itself consists of 12 gorgeous shades ranging from matte to sparkly. There’s a matte highlight shade and a matte black, beautiful! And there’s FIVE new shades. It’s fair to say my fingers are itching to make new beautiful looks with this palette.

The price for this beauty is £36 in the UK, and $50 in the US.  Well done on the pricing UD. Now if only you had enough in stock!