Water Tip

Drink Your Water

We all know how important it is to drink your water and keep hydrated. Soft drinks, soda, tea and coffee does not count as part of your daily amount of water intake, no matter how much you want it too.  Sorry…   🙂  So the routine of drinking all these glasses and bottles during the day, can easily fall out. So here are my tips so you don’t forget your water:

  • Drink a big glass of water in the morning, before you eat or drink anything else. Obviously if you’re working out first thing, don’t drink too much as this will become uncomfortable. Leave it for after WO, but before anything else.
  • Drink a glass of water with every meal.
  • At night, just before bed, do as you did in the morning. Drink a big glass of water.
I hope these tips will help you with your water intake, for me it works wonders.
 Do you have any good tips on how to gulp down your daily amount of water, then please leave a message 🙂

6 responses to “Water Tip

  1. These are great tips!!! I also have one 😉 I always carry a two liter water bottle with me. That way I know I still have water to go. I aim for drinking two bottles a day. Somedays its easier and some not.
    The least is one and a half bottle that I will drink. So between 3 to 4 liter.
    This way is helping me a lot because I can’t lose track on counting cups or glasses.
    With being at the Uni all day and also having some coffee here and there it is so important to stay hydrated. You are right! 🙂

  2. I usually drag along a big tub of water in a trolley that I have connected a long tube to. I have taped the tube so it goes up my leg and back and down my forehead. That way whenever I am at work, or in meetings I’m always a inch away from rehydrating whenever I need to 🙂 On cold winter days I can preheat the water by shoving the tube into el cracko 😉

    Excuse me, I’m in my funnymood… Its by birthday 🙂

  3. Yes, and you’re gettign old 🙂 HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  4. Well firstly, I have to say excellent topic water.
    We all need it and often just forget to take it on a regular basis.

    Intriguing comment from one of the above! I have a question does this not taint the flavour of the water?

    May be it makes it better & NO I don’t want to try it, thank you!

    Age is relative and that is true in this case!

  5. To answer your question, I have not observerd any flavour tainting as the tube is in one continous section, but if you want to, just add flavor to the tub and it will mix if you run around with it for a short while.

    Age could alter perception of flavours I guess, just choose one to your liking.

    But seriously, a real tip: I use pure organic ground up wheatgrass in water at least twice a week. This definately counts as one of the five veggies a day.



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