100 Day Burpee Challenge

Today I got an invite from Franzi to join her in the 100 Day Burpee Challenge, and I immediately though: Oh Yeah!

The aim of the game is to do 1 burpee on day 1, 2 on day 2 and so forth. On day 100 you would be doing 100 burpees. Now this is the type of challenge I like and I will starting tomorrow. NOW WHO’S WITH ME!?!

Here is the facebook page for the challenge,
Read more about it on BODYROCK.tv
Here’s two Nike Women videos on how to do the burpee.
Get Toned – Burpee to Shoulder Press
Get Lean – Plank Row to Burpee

8 responses to “100 Day Burpee Challenge

  1. Zuzana ❤

  2. Hmmmm. This will definitely take a lot of effort but will do good to the body

  3. 😉 I am starting today to! Will try to do them in the morning cause once I am to 100 that will be a workout itself I guess.
    *high five!*

  4. 100 burpees?! Yikes! I’m a few days late, but I want to try this!

  5. Good going girls, I’m very happy your joining me 😀
    Carolyn: Don’t worry, we’re on the 2nd day. Just do 3 today, or if you like just one. Its only one day apart. 🙂

  6. yeah don’t worry about it 🙂 I didn’t worry of catching up, we will just keep going until we hit 100! 😀

  7. Uh what I am coming up with just now can’t we vary the burpees till the end. Say like do normal plank burpess and then side burpees to each side like Zuzi?!

  8. Yes, that’s a great idea. I’ve been doing them with a pushup up until now. Yesterday i wanted to do the normal one to get the full effect of the soft jump. So I did 6 normal burpees and then 6 pushups afterwards. problem solved. 🙂
    Just vary them as you like, there are sooo many ways to do them. 🙂 Let me know if you do a really fun one 🙂

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