Bike in Sunset

Earlier this evening I went on a bike ride, the sun was still up, the sky was blue and the scenery was beautiful, I wish I got pictures, but since I didn’t take any, you’ll get a picture of my new bike.

Yes, I got a new bike and I am so happy. I decided on a cyclocross, that’s a mix of a hybrid and a racer. Now, I’m not tough enough for a racer, I’m not daring enough to ride fast ON the road. So therefore a cyclocross was perfect for me.  That way I can go really fast on the pavement. This is absolutely perfect for me, the main usage for my bike would be as part of my workout routine, I need to get in those hours of cardio. Though I love jogging it’s really nice to have a bike to ramp things up a little bit. I love having that wind in my face. It being windy outside during a jog is not quite the same. Tho harsh weather doesn’t bother me, the autumn windy rainy weather IS actually one of my favourites, As weird as it sounds yes.

Back to my bike. I would also use it to work and uni. I wrote a post about the advantages of jogging/riding a bike to work, daily activity. Have a read. But today I only went on a 30 min ride, I wanted to go longer, but my main reason to go out was to pick up mum’s car that I’m borrowing for a few days. So after 30 mins I had to stuff the bike in the car and go back home.

I promise to take pictures next time, sun or rain, but for now here’s one of my new, and very beautiful bike.



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