Summer breakfast

I haven’t been posting too many recipes and food tips, but as a good continuation from last one, here’s another breakfast favourite.

  • Oats
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Hot Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Nectarine

I add oats, natural yoghurt and cinnamon. You cold of course make a normal porridge first and then add the yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit. But I like to mix it up rather quickly. So I just add hot water to my mixture, makes it less ‘sticky’ and not so warm so I can eat it asap. I then add my nectarine, those really ripe sweet ones are so so tasty. Sometimes I add grapes or kiwi as well.

Add whatever summer-fruits you like, I promise you it will be very tasty. Also, I add quite a bit of cinnamon to my bowl, I like it that way. The cinnamon adds to the sweetness, and with the ripe fruit there’s no sugar or any other sweeteners needed.

If you do want to add a lite something, I would recommend Stevia- It’s all natural, has no calories and does not alter your blood sugar levels. So this is perfect for diabetics. If you don’t have that then honey or agave syrup would do the trick. Their GI (Glycemic Index) are much lower than sugar and will not spike your blood sugar the same way- REFINED SUGAR IS NOT ALLOWED.

Read about Stevia on Wikipedia: HERE                                                              Or on HERE                                                                                       Read about GI here: HERE                                                                                  Check your foods nutritional value here: HERE


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