General update!

It’s been over a month since last post, Oh No’s!!! 

And what have I been doing with all this time that have kept me from writing on my blog? Hmmm…

Well, I have been running at all hours of the day. As you may know, I’m running a half marathon next year together with my good friend Franzi. Have a read about that here. We have been training for this 4 days a week for the last month, and OMG I love it, I really enjoy running.  I will do a separate post about how we get on with that. But I can tell you now, we are doing brilliantly, I am so proud of us  🙂

As well as running I have on the same days been doing some physio therapy workouts. I do them on the same days so I can keep my rest days as they are. Oh yes, and the reason I have to do physio workout is because my physio therapist told me to. Well yes, but also because I developed some knee pain that wouldn’t go away. So by doing that 4 times a week it is now much better, and they also found out the problem is my hip. (They being the physio therapists and chiropractor.)

So training aside. Uni has started and I spend my precious hours with my face in my books calculating, reading and doing some more calculations. My subjects this semester is Financial accounting and Financial statement analysis, Micro economy, Business communication in English – Written intercultural and ethical awareness and Criminal and financial crime.

Other than that, and more importantly, (No, It’s not more important than education and a healthy lifestyle, it’s just much more … mind numbing…)  I have spent some of my time on Ebay buying rings & nail varnishes, and the occasional bracelets and necklaces. Some of those might even show up here on my blog.

Some recreational coffees, dinners, girls night with face-masks and wine have also been taking up my time.

That’s it for now, and I will soon be back.

*waves* xxx


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