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Cycling pictures

This is just a little post with pictures of the scenery when I’m out and about cycling. In my last post I promised I would update with pictures so here it is. The pictures are not of the best quality and the reason for that is that im working out, not out on a photography mission.

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Lately I’ve been lucky with the weather, as you can see in the pictures. Yesterday though I was not, It was absolutely pissing down with rain. But frankly I didn’t mind, rain only bothers me when I’m going somewhere special. It is not nice showing up at the prince’ ball looking like a downed cat, in most other situations it’s just refreshing.  🙂


The TIU Bikini Challenge

As of Monday next week I will be starting an 8 week Bikini Challenge. Most of you will not know what that is, but hopefully you will be intrigued to have a look. Link here.

The bikini challenge is designed by the wonderful Tone It Up girls, and it’s an 8 week challenge to get ready for bikini season. With work outs, motivational emails, bootycalls, recipes and an overall focus on a healthy lifestyle, Karena and Katrina have made a perfect program to get ready for summer, and that itty bitty bikini. Now this is the 2nd time I’m doing this, it was so popular that they posted the entire challenge on their blog for everyone. Now we can go through it whenever we want to, how amazing is that?  *lovs*

The ‘Bootycall’ is the morning workout by the way, nothing naughtier than that. We do this every morning before breakfast. I love working out first thing, it sets me for the rest of the day. It’s so much easier to stay on track and be healthy if I start off well.  (Not that I would ever eat anything unhealthy, mhm  ^^ ) And it keeps me more focused throughout the day. I do notice the difference on days when I don’t do my bootycall.

The Bikini Challenge has 40 challenges for us to do, that’s 5 each week. (Yes I know, I’m good at math)  Just as a little reminder, every Fri, Sat and Sunday makes almost half a month. So don’t forget to stay healthy and active during weekends as well. There’s really no need not to be!

So there we go, I will keep you posted on how I get along. Feel free to ask me any questions.


Daily activity

I used to bike to work, but as of now I don’t have one (eye-ing a new bike) , my car is hurting and can’t move, and the bus is utter shite, so therefor i decided the other day to jog the almost 13 km home from work. When i say jog i mean my interval schedule with jogging, running and walking.  And with Franzi’s interval mix it’s all much more fun.  🙂

You may get home a bit later than usual, but for me that’s not a problem, my working hours vary anyways,  and i don’t have kids i need to come home to quickly. Other than my boyfriend, but he can make his own food if he gets hungry. He’s good that way.  But the benefits from it are so great, so I put together a little list of some of the positives:  ( NB! There are no negatives. )

  • It gets me in a good mood and gives me energy for the rest of the day.
  • Brings me out of that lazy slump I end up in at the end of the day.
  • Work out is over with and there’s no chance of pushing it aside for other things.
  • Gets me into better shape 🙂
  • Saves money on fuel, and boyfriend can get the car. ( his suggestion)
  •  The feeling of fresh air, which is good for both body & mind.
  • Really really healthy and refreshing.
  • Other – what do YOU love about biking or running to or from work?

So there we go.  Now go do it!

‘You’ll never regret a workout’ – ”Tone It Up

Karena Dawn’s Story to keep you motivated

A while ago I read a blog post by Karena Dawn from ‘Tone It Up‘.  She wrote a post for ‘ The Daily Love’  about her journey to where she is today. It is an amazing and very inspirational story.

So if you’re in a bit of a dull period, and not on top of  your Work Out, I SO haven’t done that, or anything else in your life this post will definitely bring back the spark of motivation and inspiration to keep you going.

Read her story here: Overcome and Achieve by Karena Dawn.