Festive Christmas nails

A little while ago I bought some nail decor glitter on ebay. I love a little bit of glitter, and on the nails I adore it. I have about 10 different colours. The savings from buying them on ebay are vast. And to be frank, it’s glitter you stick onto your nails, they don’t need to be expensive 🙂

I’ve had a little play around with different colours of nail varnish and glitter. And today I was really happy with the result. Deep Blue with gold glitter. I thought it was so Christmassy, I love the sparkle. This will of course look great with red nails, or with silver glitter. Whatever takes your fancy. Though red with gold glitter can only be worn in extreme Christmassy settings.

The nail varnish I’m using is Dior Vernis -908 Tuxedo. An absolutely gorgeous deep blue with lots of shimmer from this years autumn range. You can see it best on the picture to the right. The gold glitter is from ebay. I used a little nail decor brush to dot the glitter on. By dotting it on the glitter bounced a little , which created a nice look when the glitter spread out a bit at random. You can see the little brush in the right picture below, quite handy that one!

Sorry about the slightly unfocused pictures. Honestly, I was relaxing in the sofa when I took them and my hand wasn’t steady enough.

Happy holiday season *waves*


Buried in books – Dreaming of Christmas holiday

Well, I don’t know about you, but I’m sitting here with my head buried in my books as the most horrid time of the year has announced it’s arrival –  yes, EXAM SEASON. I can only wish for it to be over so I can relax and enjoy the holiday.

During the holiday I will plough through the marathon books I bought earlier this year and never had the time to read. I will have a proper dig and give a little review of them here on my blog. Maybe I shall quit Uni and start a new career as a marathon book reviewer? Right now that seems like a great idea…    The books on my bedside table collecting dust are;

-Sam MurphyMarathon and Half Marathon: From Start to Finish

-Whitsett, Dolgener, Kole ‘The Non-Runner’s Marathon Trainer

-Dawn Dais ‘The Nonrunner’s Marathon Guide for Women: Get Off Your Butt and On with Your Training

If you have read a book about running , health & fitness or even a great novel you enjoyed, let me know as I would love some tips on good reading material. For now I leave all reading to Christmas and summer holidays, that’s when I have time to indulge in great stories. I feel guilty if I read novels instead of text books during the semester. Not that text books aren’t rewarding, it is just not in the same way as relaxing in a comfortable chair with a cup of tea and an open fire. ‘Damn we don’t have an open fire’.

Big waves for now.

General update!

It’s been over a month since last post, Oh No’s!!! 

And what have I been doing with all this time that have kept me from writing on my blog? Hmmm…

Well, I have been running at all hours of the day. As you may know, I’m running a half marathon next year together with my good friend Franzi. Have a read about that here. We have been training for this 4 days a week for the last month, and OMG I love it, I really enjoy running.  I will do a separate post about how we get on with that. But I can tell you now, we are doing brilliantly, I am so proud of us  🙂

As well as running I have on the same days been doing some physio therapy workouts. I do them on the same days so I can keep my rest days as they are. Oh yes, and the reason I have to do physio workout is because my physio therapist told me to. Well yes, but also because I developed some knee pain that wouldn’t go away. So by doing that 4 times a week it is now much better, and they also found out the problem is my hip. (They being the physio therapists and chiropractor.)

So training aside. Uni has started and I spend my precious hours with my face in my books calculating, reading and doing some more calculations. My subjects this semester is Financial accounting and Financial statement analysis, Micro economy, Business communication in English – Written intercultural and ethical awareness and Criminal and financial crime.

Other than that, and more importantly, (No, It’s not more important than education and a healthy lifestyle, it’s just much more … mind numbing…)  I have spent some of my time on Ebay buying rings & nail varnishes, and the occasional bracelets and necklaces. Some of those might even show up here on my blog.

Some recreational coffees, dinners, girls night with face-masks and wine have also been taking up my time.

That’s it for now, and I will soon be back.

*waves* xxx

Burberry Body Fragrance – Free Sample

Burberry are giving out thousands of free samples from their new body Fragrance. It’s not been launched yet, not before the 1st of September. So if you can’t wait, this is your chance to try it out before they hit the shelves.

Personally I adore some of their perfumes already out there, and I’m really hoping this will be just as delightful. I’m not sure if they actually ship to my country, but I signed up anyway. You never know, they might get their head around it in time, and understand that Norway is the place where it’s all happening.  *hoping*

Pop in to Burberry’s facebook page and sign up, you have another 5 days to get it done.

Burberry facebook page.

Burberry webpage. (Awww, The lovely sound of rain on the main page.)

Summer breakfast

I haven’t been posting too many recipes and food tips, but as a good continuation from last one, here’s another breakfast favourite.

  • Oats
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Hot Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Nectarine

I add oats, natural yoghurt and cinnamon. You cold of course make a normal porridge first and then add the yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit. But I like to mix it up rather quickly. So I just add hot water to my mixture, makes it less ‘sticky’ and not so warm so I can eat it asap. I then add my nectarine, those really ripe sweet ones are so so tasty. Sometimes I add grapes or kiwi as well.

Add whatever summer-fruits you like, I promise you it will be very tasty. Also, I add quite a bit of cinnamon to my bowl, I like it that way. The cinnamon adds to the sweetness, and with the ripe fruit there’s no sugar or any other sweeteners needed.

If you do want to add a lite something, I would recommend Stevia- It’s all natural, has no calories and does not alter your blood sugar levels. So this is perfect for diabetics. If you don’t have that then honey or agave syrup would do the trick. Their GI (Glycemic Index) are much lower than sugar and will not spike your blood sugar the same way- REFINED SUGAR IS NOT ALLOWED.

Read about Stevia on Wikipedia: HERE                                                              Or on Stevia.com: HERE                                                                                       Read about GI here: HERE                                                                                  Check your foods nutritional value here: HERE

Half marathon update – It’s BERLIN!

I think a quick update is in order, first and foremost to tell I have now registered to the Berlin Half Marathon which is to be held at the 1st of April 2012.

Woohooo *claps hands*  OH YEAH!!

Secondly to say, that because of  some misunderstanding with dates we will not be running the Potsdam run. I first thought this would be at the end of April, it isn’t!  It is at the beginning of June, which is slap bang in the middle of my exam period. So even though I’m pretty sure that come exam time I wish I had a proper reason to be outside running rather than being cooped up inside studying. (That was a long sentence-sorry.) I’m being clever in deciding now that my education is more important than doing a run. But there’s no reason to whinge, I’m doing the Berlin one instead, which is just as amazing as Potsdam.

This is the course of the run, going right through the city of Berlin. I’m really looking forward to run through the park and past the river. I might jump in for a cooling swim after the run – if it’s legal.   I hope it’s legal!

That’s it for now, more updates on training, preparation and whatnots later on.

Running a Half Marathon!

So OMG, it has now been decided! My good friend and fellow ‘ToneItUpSister’  Franzi and I are running our first half marathon. This will be happening in Germany at the end of April 2012. More direct, in Potsdam just outside Berlin.

The rest of this month we will be reading up on tips and techniques, and get all prepped for our training. We will also find a running schedule that fits us. A good schedule is crucial for a good and steady training. It will be very hard and difficult at times and it’s then important to have a well developed schedule, that we feel comfortable with, to follow. To have someone to train with is essential. Even though she lives in a different country than I we will still have daily contact of our process, keep each other motivated and push each other whenever that’s needed.I think there will be a lot of pushing and butt-kicking. There’s no slacking through workouts.  🙂

When 1st of September arrives we will both be prepped to start our training. I’m imagining sleeping in running clothes and shoes, popping out of bed to rush out for a run in the early hours of the day. This is our official start of the training, it will give us 8 months to get ready for the big day.

We can do this, lets power through!

I’m back!

Hello all!!

So I’ve been away, I have been on holiday. It was wonderful, fun, recreational and so so needed. After a busy semester at Uni and then lots of working in my summer holiday it was time for some relaxation in the Norwegian mountains. There was some sunbathing by the river, bathing in the river, mountain hiking, bread-baking in the grill and even a little trip to a spa hotel. I will come back to this with a little review and pictures.

Right now I have lit some candles, poured a glass of red wine and I’m just enjoying the evening. Its dark outside, and I somehow got this autumn feeling. It must be the candles and the soft music playing in the background. Autumn is my favourite season, I love being outside in the wind and rainy weather, all wrapped up in a warm scarf and coat. I also love sitting inside with a warm cuppa and blanket just looking out, watching a good movie or reading a book, but hey who doesn’t?

As Uni starts for me next week I need to be all prepped and ready. So i will spend the next few days in full OCD-style, making my planes and schedules for the next months. This will include all my Uni lectures, studying, my work and last but not least my work-out schedule. I’m really looking forward for this semester to start. I’m all ready to set out for a few busy months doing what I love.

See you soon!


Cycling pictures

This is just a little post with pictures of the scenery when I’m out and about cycling. In my last post I promised I would update with pictures so here it is. The pictures are not of the best quality and the reason for that is that im working out, not out on a photography mission.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Lately I’ve been lucky with the weather, as you can see in the pictures. Yesterday though I was not, It was absolutely pissing down with rain. But frankly I didn’t mind, rain only bothers me when I’m going somewhere special. It is not nice showing up at the prince’ ball looking like a downed cat, in most other situations it’s just refreshing.  🙂

Bike in Sunset

Earlier this evening I went on a bike ride, the sun was still up, the sky was blue and the scenery was beautiful, I wish I got pictures, but since I didn’t take any, you’ll get a picture of my new bike.

Yes, I got a new bike and I am so happy. I decided on a cyclocross, that’s a mix of a hybrid and a racer. Now, I’m not tough enough for a racer, I’m not daring enough to ride fast ON the road. So therefore a cyclocross was perfect for me.  That way I can go really fast on the pavement. This is absolutely perfect for me, the main usage for my bike would be as part of my workout routine, I need to get in those hours of cardio. Though I love jogging it’s really nice to have a bike to ramp things up a little bit. I love having that wind in my face. It being windy outside during a jog is not quite the same. Tho harsh weather doesn’t bother me, the autumn windy rainy weather IS actually one of my favourites, As weird as it sounds yes.

Back to my bike. I would also use it to work and uni. I wrote a post about the advantages of jogging/riding a bike to work, daily activity. Have a read. But today I only went on a 30 min ride, I wanted to go longer, but my main reason to go out was to pick up mum’s car that I’m borrowing for a few days. So after 30 mins I had to stuff the bike in the car and go back home.

I promise to take pictures next time, sun or rain, but for now here’s one of my new, and very beautiful bike.