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Elegant New Year’s Eve nails

This post is to give you ideas to some classic and elegant nails to wear on New Year’s Eve. Yesterdays was a very very sparkly option. See them here.

I will be rocking these nails myself. As I have to pop into work for a few hours I can’t wear anything too flashy, even if it is the last day of the year. But these classical nails suit me to a tee, I adore them. ❤

Directions and how-to are underneath pictures.

*First I started off with 3 coats of Essie ‘Steel-ing The Scene’.

*Second: I painted the corners with a black colour. Use any you have. I used a nail art version, and I have no idea what brand. I bought it on ebay and I never saw a brand name. Any-whoo, it did the job.

*Third: To avoid glitter all over the nails, I added 1 layer of top-coat before applying the glitter. This creates a harder surface and the glitter won’t stick everywhere.

*Fourth: I painted a strip with top-coat (as adhesive) for the glitter, then dabbed the glitter on.

*Fifth, A tip: add a little layer of top-coat just over the glitter to keep it from going all over your nails when adding the final layer of top-coat. Mine did a bit, apologies. I would re-do them, but there is just no time. After all the big night is tomorrow.

To make it last as long as possible, add a layer of top-coat every other day. You may also need some touch ups with black on the ends, dab dab and remember a layer of top-coat after.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this.

Will you be rocking these nails on New Year’s Eve?


New Years Eve sparkly nails

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and for that reason I’m giving you one of my options for fantastic festive sparkly New years-y nails.

It’s the ever so super sparkly ‘Rainbow Connection’ by OPI, and it’s perfect for a night like this. Unfortunately I can’t rock these  beauties because I have to pop into work. Oh what a joy! But rest assure, my nails will still have some NY Eve umph.

The first picture is to show what a singe coat looks like. As you can see it’s quite dense with sparkle, some small bits and some bigger ones. The rest of the pictures are of five coats. I have of course added a coat or two of top-coat. Very important. In reality it comes across as mostly silver, with light blue and pink, though these pictures really shows the full array of colours.

As an option you could have a singe coat on top of another shade, looks very pretty and it would be a more subtle option.

Tomorrow I’ll post another New Years Eve nail art, a very classy and elegant option. You will love it. I do, if I may blow my own trumpet.


Urban Decay NAKED 2 is out!

Yesterday, 1.12.2011 it was announced!

Urban Decay Naked 2 Palette is Out!


And just look how beautiful it is, I cant wait to get a hold of it. The first lot was sold out, all in under a day. Next week there will be more out for sale, so get in line girls.

Right now it’s only out in the states. In early January Debenhams in UK will have a pre-launch, and in February additional retailers will launch. I can imagine people sleeping outside the stores queuing a week before,…maybe.


If you remember, the first Naked came with a mini eyeshadow primer potion ( Check out my review here). The Naked2 has a very cute mini Lip Junkie Lipgloss in the colour ‘Naked’,  and a double-ended Good Karma shadow/crease brush. The palette itself consists of 12 gorgeous shades ranging from matte to sparkly. There’s a matte highlight shade and a matte black, beautiful! And there’s FIVE new shades. It’s fair to say my fingers are itching to make new beautiful looks with this palette.

The price for this beauty is £36 in the UK, and $50 in the US.  Well done on the pricing UD. Now if only you had enough in stock!

Festive Christmas nails

A little while ago I bought some nail decor glitter on ebay. I love a little bit of glitter, and on the nails I adore it. I have about 10 different colours. The savings from buying them on ebay are vast. And to be frank, it’s glitter you stick onto your nails, they don’t need to be expensive 🙂

I’ve had a little play around with different colours of nail varnish and glitter. And today I was really happy with the result. Deep Blue with gold glitter. I thought it was so Christmassy, I love the sparkle. This will of course look great with red nails, or with silver glitter. Whatever takes your fancy. Though red with gold glitter can only be worn in extreme Christmassy settings.

The nail varnish I’m using is Dior Vernis -908 Tuxedo. An absolutely gorgeous deep blue with lots of shimmer from this years autumn range. You can see it best on the picture to the right. The gold glitter is from ebay. I used a little nail decor brush to dot the glitter on. By dotting it on the glitter bounced a little , which created a nice look when the glitter spread out a bit at random. You can see the little brush in the right picture below, quite handy that one!

Sorry about the slightly unfocused pictures. Honestly, I was relaxing in the sofa when I took them and my hand wasn’t steady enough.

Happy holiday season *waves*

Burberry Body Fragrance – Free Sample

Burberry are giving out thousands of free samples from their new body Fragrance. It’s not been launched yet, not before the 1st of September. So if you can’t wait, this is your chance to try it out before they hit the shelves.

Personally I adore some of their perfumes already out there, and I’m really hoping this will be just as delightful. I’m not sure if they actually ship to my country, but I signed up anyway. You never know, they might get their head around it in time, and understand that Norway is the place where it’s all happening.  *hoping*

Pop in to Burberry’s facebook page and sign up, you have another 5 days to get it done.

Burberry facebook page.

Burberry webpage. (Awww, The lovely sound of rain on the main page.)

Favourite Blushes <3

  So here’s a little roundup of the blushes I’m loving for spring and summer. I’m not too bold and daring when it comes to blushes, I like to keep it quite nice and natural. I always want to have a natural glow to my face, and I think that the blushes I’ve mentioned here does that. Enjoy.

Clarins Blush – Prodige Illuminating Cheek Colour in ‘Soft Peach’

I have been eyeing this blush for a while, I’ve long wanted a peachy/coral blush without the pink undertones, and voilà, there it was. Clarins in soft peach, looovely. I absolutely adore this blush, is looks so natural and it’s very pretty. Its a soft mineral blush duo, one colour accompanied with a lighter one to highlight. This creates a lovely looking natural flush to your cheeks. You can wear them together or just one at the time, its beautiful either way. I normally use them together, I like a bit of colour to my cheeks.

I must say, the staying power on this blush is really good. It lasted me all day which is perfect for me. And an added bonus, it comes in a gold packaging which is really luxurious and pretty looking, me really likes, so it’s perfect for my dressing table.

The colour in this picture looks darker and more brown than the one I have in my hand, but click here to go to Clarins website to check out all the colours.

         DIOR Glowing Colour Powder Blush in ‘Framboise’

Another one that i really like is Dior’s Glowing Colour Powder Blush. I’ve had this for a while actually and for a long time i didn’t like it. I thought it gave me bad skin, but after a while I found out it was the foundation I was using, and not at all this lovely blush.

There’s two shades, one slightly darker and matter than the other. Perfect to start with and then finish off with the lighter more shimmery shade. Its really pretty warm pink tones. The darker one is quite pigmented so tread carefully if you don’t want to end up looking like a numpty, use a blushbrush that’s not too dense. The lighter one i find is not as strong, so no need to worry about numptyness here. You can of course wear both shades together or separately, I sometimes wear just the lighter one, it is very nice for just a slight touch of colour and shimmer.

This blush stays on all day, it does fade a bit, but that’s expected. Check out more colours here.

         NARS Powder Blush in ‘Orgasm’

Love love love this colour. It blends very well with my skin and it looks gorgeous. Its peachypink with gold shimmer. Unfortunately this is a pro/con item. There’s lots of pro’s, and one con. But it’s quite a big con. It falls off so easily. I’ve put it on in normal amounts, and even too much just to test it. And its the same, most fall off within a few hours. There is some left ofc, but obviously not the amount I wanted. And, its mainly the gold shimmer that stays on. Is this just me? It is utterly annoying as I don’t fancy bringing it along with me. I like to apply makeup to a clean face with clean brushes, not a been-out-and-about-in-traffic-and-whatnot-dirty-face, and then transfer all that crap onto my makeup. Me no can do.

So, there must be a reason for me bringing this blush into this post, other than it being an Ahmazing colour. And that is that this colour comes in the form of The Multiple. This is a stick with a creamy consistency for cheek, lips and eye. This is bound to stay on for longer, me hopes 😉 I will give an update when that time comes, after profoundly trying and testing.

So even though this blush is not perfect, it is one of my favorite ones at the moment, and therefore deserves a place in this post.

Have a look here for more colours, and The Multiple here.

  So there they were, hope you enjoyed that, I wouldn’t want to bore you half to death. Let me know what you like about these or what your favourite blushes are. 



Nails – Top Coat

After a couple of days add another layer of Top Coat, this will make your nails nice and shiny again with added strength to keep lasting.

Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion

Now here’s one of my favourite never-go-without beauty product. It’s the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion. I love my lotions and potions, and this one is no exception.

Now this primer promises 3 things:

  • Eyeshadow that lasts for 24+ hours                      -Check
  • More vibrant color                                                          -Check
  • Absolutely NO CREASING                                           -Check
And Urban Decay have really done it, its amazing and it does everything its supposed to. My makeup lasts all day without budging at all, even with dark and colourful shades. I’ve used it for months and months and it has never failed. 

These lovely little potions come in 4 shades, the original formula is invisible, but Eden, Greed and Sin has a tinted formula. They can be worn alone as shadows or highlighters, or you can use it as a normal primer.

Before the very handy squeeze-tubes, they had these pretty perfect-for-your-dressingtable bottles. I think these will discontinue but the ‘vintage’ bottles can still be bought, but not for long. So grab them while you can.

You can get them here with free UK delivery.