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Merry Christmas

Meeeerry Christmas, HO HO HO!

Even tho Christmas Eve and Day is over I would like to wish everyone a happy and peaceful Christmas celebration. I really hope you’ve all been able to relax and just take in the pleasures of this magical season.

What are your Xmas traditions? Any films you HAVE to see, food you HAVE to eat, songs you HAVE to sing, or cookies you just HAVE to bake/EAT?

I love this holiday and all its traditions. Every year I HAVE to see ‘The Holiday’ and ‘Love Actually’, several times actually. They really are my favourite films of all time. With Hugh Grant, Colin Firth and Jude Law staring in them, I don’t know if it makes a difference, do you?  Heck yeah, of course it does  *drools*

Every year on Xmas Eve me and my family have ‘pinnakjøtt’. A Norwegian tradition, and apparently 30% of the Norwegian population eat it over Xmas. It’s smoked single ribs from sheep, and it tastes like heaven.

Cookies, yes, we have them. All types! Some with chocolate, some with coconut, and some with both. My family gets together before Xmas and have a baking-day. We bake and decorate mums tree, and just enjoy each others company whilst listening to Xmas music.

Until next time, Happy Holidays!


Festive Christmas nails

A little while ago I bought some nail decor glitter on ebay. I love a little bit of glitter, and on the nails I adore it. I have about 10 different colours. The savings from buying them on ebay are vast. And to be frank, it’s glitter you stick onto your nails, they don’t need to be expensive 🙂

I’ve had a little play around with different colours of nail varnish and glitter. And today I was really happy with the result. Deep Blue with gold glitter. I thought it was so Christmassy, I love the sparkle. This will of course look great with red nails, or with silver glitter. Whatever takes your fancy. Though red with gold glitter can only be worn in extreme Christmassy settings.

The nail varnish I’m using is Dior Vernis -908 Tuxedo. An absolutely gorgeous deep blue with lots of shimmer from this years autumn range. You can see it best on the picture to the right. The gold glitter is from ebay. I used a little nail decor brush to dot the glitter on. By dotting it on the glitter bounced a little , which created a nice look when the glitter spread out a bit at random. You can see the little brush in the right picture below, quite handy that one!

Sorry about the slightly unfocused pictures. Honestly, I was relaxing in the sofa when I took them and my hand wasn’t steady enough.

Happy holiday season *waves*