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Dress right for winter running

I am not the most experienced runner, I started little under a year ago. But I am from Norway, and that counts for a lot in knowing how to dress for the cold and windy weather. Easter holidays was spent at our cabin in the mountains, in the snow. Some years we could just about see the chimney popping out. We  dug a deep hole and made stairs in the snow down to the entrance.  Most days, if not every, we went skiing onto a mountaintop. I will admit, when I was younger I did fight this activity a little, I would rather stay inside or around the cabin playing. I was the youngest one and all the others had such long legs and skied much quicker than I did. My mum stayed with me and we was a bit behind the others, especially uphill. But thinking back on it, it makes me smile, I would not be without it, not a single experience. And then was the breaks with sandwiches, oranges, ‘kvikk lunch’- a chocolate with biscuits  and warm coco. This is basically the standard for all families when on a skiing trip at Easter.

But back to what I was really talking about. I wanted to write about my run earlier this week. I had woken up to snow, pretty pretty Christmassy snow. And even though it was very windy it did not stop me from going on my scheduled run. I was quite excited in fact, was looking forward to run in the fresh crisp air and even hoping it would snow some more when I was out.

When running in the cold it’s important to dress correctly. Dressing in layers is key to stay warm. Thin layers keep you warmer than a  thick one. The reason is that it traps the air and insulate and therefore keep you warm. Closest to your body you would want clothing that transport the sweat away and keep you dry. This is called wicking. You could also use sports wool, but I do not recommend that for running or high intensity work out as it does not transport the sweat away from your body. So with high intensity go for a wicking fabric clothing. On top of that you would want a layer to keep you warm. A fleece or wool would be good here. If it’s not too cold you could also go for a cotton jumper. On the top you would want a  shell coat to keep the wind and some of the rain off. On your legs, wicking underneath a pair of jogging pants meant for wintery weather. They are a bit thicker and some also with a breathable fabric to keep snow and rain from seeping through.

This Monday the wind was so strong and therefore also very cold, so I wore 3 layers using a fleece as the middle one. On my legs I used a sport wicking legging and a slightly thicker pair of jogging pants.  This kept me nice and warm.

Kari Traa, Technical underwear, running clothing, teknisk undertøy, superundertøy

Nike running jacket, Wicking, Outdoor

                                                                                                                                   Also; to stay warm and cold-free, keep your phalanges warm. Gloves are important, you do not want your hands freezing when out on a run. Ideally buy a pair meant for activity that will transport the sweat. But if you’re just staring out or you don’t run that often you could get away with whatever you have lying around. But they need to breathe, so don’t use those big thick snow-sports gloves, your hands will melt. Try with what you got, if you don’t find them comfortable then there are running gloves in all prize ranges. I find I use the gloves at the start of my run, when I’m nice and warm i take them off and just hold on to them. Or you could tuck them in to the side of your pants. I always run with a buff, (I really don’t like that word, it makes no sense to me) one around my neck and one with wool on my head. If it’s really windy I tuck the neck one into the head one. You want to keep the wind away from your neck and head region, it’s so very easy to catch a cold if not.

Feet, good shoes are important. If you’re planing on running much or already are, I would recommend investing in a good pair meant for rougher weather. If less running you could get through the winter with what you have. Maybe do a smaller investment in some thicker running socks.

I stayed nice and warm on my run. And even though I got bitch-slapped across the face a few times by some rude hailstones, I really enjoyed it. I was so pleased with the arrival of the snow that I decided not to listen to music or pay attention to how far I had run. I ran the same place earlier, so I knew the distance. It was just nice with a bit of fresh air and no music droning in my ears, competing with the wind and hailstones.

So it’s all about the way you look at it. You can of course choose to focus on the bad things about the bad weather, or you can choose not too. If you look at all things in live, there’s positive and negative aspects with it. Focus on the positive, and you will become a happier person in general. I feel like this a different post all together. But give it a though. There’s no harm in a bit of wind and rain, why should it stop you from going on your run or walk.

Stine  xxx


Summer breakfast

I haven’t been posting too many recipes and food tips, but as a good continuation from last one, here’s another breakfast favourite.

  • Oats
  • Natural Yoghurt
  • Hot Water
  • Cinnamon
  • Nectarine

I add oats, natural yoghurt and cinnamon. You cold of course make a normal porridge first and then add the yoghurt, cinnamon and fruit. But I like to mix it up rather quickly. So I just add hot water to my mixture, makes it less ‘sticky’ and not so warm so I can eat it asap. I then add my nectarine, those really ripe sweet ones are so so tasty. Sometimes I add grapes or kiwi as well.

Add whatever summer-fruits you like, I promise you it will be very tasty. Also, I add quite a bit of cinnamon to my bowl, I like it that way. The cinnamon adds to the sweetness, and with the ripe fruit there’s no sugar or any other sweeteners needed.

If you do want to add a lite something, I would recommend Stevia- It’s all natural, has no calories and does not alter your blood sugar levels. So this is perfect for diabetics. If you don’t have that then honey or agave syrup would do the trick. Their GI (Glycemic Index) are much lower than sugar and will not spike your blood sugar the same way- REFINED SUGAR IS NOT ALLOWED.

Read about Stevia on Wikipedia: HERE                                                              Or on Stevia.com: HERE                                                                                       Read about GI here: HERE                                                                                  Check your foods nutritional value here: HERE

Cycling pictures

This is just a little post with pictures of the scenery when I’m out and about cycling. In my last post I promised I would update with pictures so here it is. The pictures are not of the best quality and the reason for that is that im working out, not out on a photography mission.

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Lately I’ve been lucky with the weather, as you can see in the pictures. Yesterday though I was not, It was absolutely pissing down with rain. But frankly I didn’t mind, rain only bothers me when I’m going somewhere special. It is not nice showing up at the prince’ ball looking like a downed cat, in most other situations it’s just refreshing.  🙂

Bike in Sunset

Earlier this evening I went on a bike ride, the sun was still up, the sky was blue and the scenery was beautiful, I wish I got pictures, but since I didn’t take any, you’ll get a picture of my new bike.

Yes, I got a new bike and I am so happy. I decided on a cyclocross, that’s a mix of a hybrid and a racer. Now, I’m not tough enough for a racer, I’m not daring enough to ride fast ON the road. So therefore a cyclocross was perfect for me.  That way I can go really fast on the pavement. This is absolutely perfect for me, the main usage for my bike would be as part of my workout routine, I need to get in those hours of cardio. Though I love jogging it’s really nice to have a bike to ramp things up a little bit. I love having that wind in my face. It being windy outside during a jog is not quite the same. Tho harsh weather doesn’t bother me, the autumn windy rainy weather IS actually one of my favourites, As weird as it sounds yes.

Back to my bike. I would also use it to work and uni. I wrote a post about the advantages of jogging/riding a bike to work, daily activity. Have a read. But today I only went on a 30 min ride, I wanted to go longer, but my main reason to go out was to pick up mum’s car that I’m borrowing for a few days. So after 30 mins I had to stuff the bike in the car and go back home.

I promise to take pictures next time, sun or rain, but for now here’s one of my new, and very beautiful bike.


Daily activity

I used to bike to work, but as of now I don’t have one (eye-ing a new bike) , my car is hurting and can’t move, and the bus is utter shite, so therefor i decided the other day to jog the almost 13 km home from work. When i say jog i mean my interval schedule with jogging, running and walking.  And with Franzi’s interval mix it’s all much more fun.  🙂

You may get home a bit later than usual, but for me that’s not a problem, my working hours vary anyways,  and i don’t have kids i need to come home to quickly. Other than my boyfriend, but he can make his own food if he gets hungry. He’s good that way.  But the benefits from it are so great, so I put together a little list of some of the positives:  ( NB! There are no negatives. )

  • It gets me in a good mood and gives me energy for the rest of the day.
  • Brings me out of that lazy slump I end up in at the end of the day.
  • Work out is over with and there’s no chance of pushing it aside for other things.
  • Gets me into better shape 🙂
  • Saves money on fuel, and boyfriend can get the car. ( his suggestion)
  •  The feeling of fresh air, which is good for both body & mind.
  • Really really healthy and refreshing.
  • Other – what do YOU love about biking or running to or from work?

So there we go.  Now go do it!

‘You’ll never regret a workout’ – ”Tone It Up

Barefoot Running

I will be testing out Barefoot Running, I have really been looking forward to trying my new shoes with five separate little compartments for each toe. Yesterday I tried it for the first time, this was a very freeing and fun experience. A big Thank You to my brother for giving me the shoes. ❤

For those of you that don’t know what barefoot running is, it is in basic running with no cushioning. That means no running shoes that would dampen the impact of running. On the other hand you do need to alter  your running technique to avoid injury. No, not like Phoebe . But it is very individual to how a body react to this type of running, so if you’re trying it out, listen to your body and read up on how to start-up and progress. Some people literally run BAREfoot, this is not what I will be doing, I will be using Vibram FiveFingers. They have a protective surface to keep my delicate feet safe. The Bikila is created exclusively for a more natural running experience. The grounded feeling is really good, very natural, and I am very happy with them.

As stated before I have no formal education in this matter, so what I write about here is only my personal experience, and it’s suited for me and the condition I’m in.
When you starting up barefoot running you have to start very easily, and then gradually build up the time and speed. So what I do is warm up and do a normal run in my normal running shoes. I will bring along the Vibrams and have a 5 minute run in them at the end. The fist weeks i will only run with them for about 5 minutes – each time, obviously. 🙂

There will be more posts on this topic later on. I want to know more about this type of running before I write about it. I wouldn’t want to give out wrong information. If you have any questions please leave a comment below or email me.