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Elegant New Year’s Eve nails

This post is to give you ideas to some classic and elegant nails to wear on New Year’s Eve. Yesterdays was a very very sparkly option. See them here.

I will be rocking these nails myself. As I have to pop into work for a few hours I can’t wear anything too flashy, even if it is the last day of the year. But these classical nails suit me to a tee, I adore them. ❤

Directions and how-to are underneath pictures.

*First I started off with 3 coats of Essie ‘Steel-ing The Scene’.

*Second: I painted the corners with a black colour. Use any you have. I used a nail art version, and I have no idea what brand. I bought it on ebay and I never saw a brand name. Any-whoo, it did the job.

*Third: To avoid glitter all over the nails, I added 1 layer of top-coat before applying the glitter. This creates a harder surface and the glitter won’t stick everywhere.

*Fourth: I painted a strip with top-coat (as adhesive) for the glitter, then dabbed the glitter on.

*Fifth, A tip: add a little layer of top-coat just over the glitter to keep it from going all over your nails when adding the final layer of top-coat. Mine did a bit, apologies. I would re-do them, but there is just no time. After all the big night is tomorrow.

To make it last as long as possible, add a layer of top-coat every other day. You may also need some touch ups with black on the ends, dab dab and remember a layer of top-coat after.  🙂

Hope you enjoyed this.

Will you be rocking these nails on New Year’s Eve?


New Years Eve sparkly nails

New Years Eve is just around the corner, and for that reason I’m giving you one of my options for fantastic festive sparkly New years-y nails.

It’s the ever so super sparkly ‘Rainbow Connection’ by OPI, and it’s perfect for a night like this. Unfortunately I can’t rock these  beauties because I have to pop into work. Oh what a joy! But rest assure, my nails will still have some NY Eve umph.

The first picture is to show what a singe coat looks like. As you can see it’s quite dense with sparkle, some small bits and some bigger ones. The rest of the pictures are of five coats. I have of course added a coat or two of top-coat. Very important. In reality it comes across as mostly silver, with light blue and pink, though these pictures really shows the full array of colours.

As an option you could have a singe coat on top of another shade, looks very pretty and it would be a more subtle option.

Tomorrow I’ll post another New Years Eve nail art, a very classy and elegant option. You will love it. I do, if I may blow my own trumpet.